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An RP Guild for experienced players and creative writing fans.

Tags: powerplay, community, role, play, literate

Vanguard Soren Private 8,610 35

Create your own story in the world of witches and magical girls!

Tags: pmmm, puella magi madoka magica, madoka magica, adventure, roleplay

Rabid Hampters Public 128 11
[The No Name Guild] Hana Something Public 15,090 247
RIP Place stuartthemouse Public 2,745 12
Vil-lon ((Opened! :D))

Tags: Vampyres, Semi-lit-to-literate, Interesting, Friendly, Active

Kameko the Dark Mage Private 3,101 22
Beyond the Reaching Stars

Look no further for a great roleplaying hangout

Tags: Roleplaying, Beyond, Reaching, Stars, Aly-San

AIygator Public 1,345 3
Academy Of Eden (U/C And Accepting)

Come and make your story. X3 Angels and Demons going to the same school a place to call there home to help them learn to use there powers

Tags: Anime, Angels, Demon, Academy, School

xXShirazuRyXx Public 4 3
Broken Memory

Inside the mind of a mysterious girl

Tags: Puzzel, Maze, Mind, Personalities, Comatose

TheDogGoesMeow Public 9 2
The Kingdom of Zaria

Tags: Medieval, Kingdom, Roleplay

Lady Rosalinda Kurogane Private 32 6
Night Time Phantom Guild


Tags: Anime, Fantasy, Scifi

PandoraElunes Public 6 1
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