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*Tempest Castle of The Arcane*

We provide safe harbor while fighting the Hoards of Zombies - *Come Rest And Recharge*

Tags: Zombies, Roleplaying, Survival, Zomg, apocalypse

Kazivier G Vermillion Public 16 4
Scots Wha Hae!

a guild 4 scotland!!! scots/people of scottish heratage plz join! ^^

Tags: scotland, kilt, tartan, scottish, gaelic

scotland4ever Public 142 43
An Ban-Oranaiche - A Different Kind of Lit. Guild Kurane Kumiko Private 1,999 32
Learn to speak "as Gaeilge" (in Irish)

learn to speak irish

Tags: Irish, Gaeilge, Ireland, gaelic, language

Gee Bag Face Public 462 170
Ireland Forever!

For Irish and Non-Irish; Anyone who loves the culture and music. :3

Tags: irish, ireland, celtic, gaelic

glitter - junkie Public 14 2
♫ Celtic Woman Fans ♫

We absolutely ♥ Celtic Woman and usually just chat about them. ^__^

Tags: Gaelic, Irish, Celtic Woman, Cool, Singing

Amy Pearl Public 2 1
The Glen

Be creative, we'll play along!

Tags: Fantasy, University, Romance, Action, Psychology

Forianna Public 303 16
Gaia Ireland

For all Irish Gaians, whether you're living in Ireland or abroad!

Tags: irish, ireland, gaelic, eire, celtic

tobacko Public 1 3
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