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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
CrackFest RP (under construction)

A guild where the roleplay is random and multiple rps are ongoing. You are in charge!

Tags: Random, Role Play, Crack, Fanfiction, Diverse

ik houd van u Private 135 1
Fatal Wolves RP 2

Just a pack of wolves, happy to tell stories

Tags: Roleplaying, Variety, Small, Fantasy, Anthro

talesofthelost Public 3,394 6
Crazy Awsm Role Plays.

Rp's of all kinds~ Make friends, RP, Good times.

Tags: Role, Play, Awesome, Random, Candy

Kanokos Nightmares Public 734 9
Pandora Hearts RPing Guild

Come and rp from Pandora Hearts. ^^

Tags: Action, Adventure, Romance(I guess), Comedy

Kokoro Shiryoku Public 9 1
Roleplay Paradise!

Join us and have FUN roleplaying with all your favorite animes!

Tags: naruto, make-your-own-roleplays, One Peice, blood +, soul eater

Umbra Animus Private 672 23
~The Crazy Girls!

Join the awesome fun!

Tags: Contests, friends, crazy, cute, awesome

xOxOAsuka_KazamaOxOx Public 67 12

Role Playing Guild

Tags: role, play, anime, fantasy, adventure

digichris Public 1 3
Our RolePlay World

A Guild for all Roleplays

Tags: Roleplay, Enjoyment, action, Random, original

Fire 190 Public 2,570 11
-l- Crosses -l-

If you tried so hard, come to -l- Crosses -l- Where there is no more trying

Tags: Discussion, Crosses, Emotions, Gold, Friendly

Angel Says Hai Public 205 69
kill la kill the school life

live the life of a student in the world full of life fibers

Tags: kill la kill, kamui, ryuko, goku uniform, life fibers

hakai hakadoushi Public 15 2
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