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☪ Limonium

Limonium is a ferret breedable pet shop, and this is its guild.

Tags: ferret, growing, collectable, magic, fantasy

wombat - i am Public 705 20

The guild for the B/C shop Abrakadooka.

Tags: ferrets, magic, wands, fantasy, industrial

Abrakadooka Public 464 30
The Drunken Rat-A Rodent And Small Animal Guild

Oldest, Biggest and Most active Rat, Mouse and Small Animal Guild

Tags: Rats, Mouse, Hampster, Ferret, Chinchilla

TacoGod Public 2,271 92
Legends of Mirall

Tags: Mythical, Creatures, Quest, Romance, Magic

PearlTears Private 461 4
Fantasial Saga: Legends of the Forii

Two storylines, one a High Sci-Fantasy and the other an Exploration Adventure, taking place on the same planet in different times.

Tags: Sci-Fantasy, Exploration, Alien, Magic, In-depth

Lingering Sentiment Ehren Public 866 12
Making Our Comeback - Naruto RP

An intense Naruto Role Play for everyone to join and have fun. Many plots and jutsus can be learned

Tags: Naruto, Roll, Play, rollplay

ishippuden sasuke Private 12,799 1
The Mythical War ((NOW OPEN))

A very eventful RPG

Tags: Action, War time, Anime, Ferrets teehee, Romance

KarmaGrace Public 694 22
The Fire Ferrets

This is the official guild for people who agree that fire ferrets are beast and want to share this appreciation with others.

Tags: Avatar: Legend of Korra, Fire Ferrets, Pabu, Anime, Animals

pinkpaintball Public 7 18
Avalon: Web of Magic

This is for all the Avalon fans on Gaia Online :)

Tags: Avalon, Magic, animals, friends, book

Madoka_Mahou_Shoujo Public 3 2
The All Natural Pet Community

For pet owners who feed natural/raw diets

Tags: pets, dogs, parrots, reptiles, cats

ParrotTamer Public 20 3
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