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Devilish Temptations

place we're everyone is family an can RP in peace

Tags: love/war/BLOOD, neko/werewolf/vampire, angel/demons/school, adventure/funny/town, fantasy/creatures/awsome

CaptianRukia94 Public 1,109 13
Mon Maître, Mon Esclave. Restarted and Reopened!

A Literate guild for Master and Slaves. Restarted and reopened.

Tags: Master, Slave, Literate, Roleplay, master/slave

Saphire_L_Fox Private 1,892 29
Fangs & Claws - A Roleplay Guild

A roleplay guild for animals and animal-like creatures.

Tags: wolf, animal, creature, kitsune, fantasy

Kiba_no_Inu Public 16,842 22
~☽☠♈Vampire University♈☠ ☾~

A continuation of the best guild on earth,Vampire Highschool.

Tags: Vampire, Highschool, Sequal, University, yaoi

Bane_of _Death Public 17,297 85
A Messy Medley of Roleplay and Art


Tags: Roleplay, Arts

ZeldacatVampire Private 2,965 37
Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu (Summon The Beasts)

If you love Baka And Test then you'll love this guild!

I a u r e n Public 113 83
~ Hollow Crest ~

A different out look on an old fairy tale.

Tags: dark, fantasy, creatures, magic, romance

Alliecat298 Public 10 9
Karma is a Strange Mistress

A place where reality is anything you wish it to be. Or perhaps, it's more how the Gods wish it to be ;)

Tags: role play, fantasy, creatures

THE Pandinator Private 257 2
Consumed By The Night

Fantasy Rp, Demons and all types.

Tags: Demons, Fantasy, Creatures

Aleczander Xevioso Private 5 3
Elderberry Forest (O/A)

Tags: Fantasy, Adventure, Just for Fun, Casual, Forest

Nightmare Nepeta Private 61 6
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