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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
OCG ~ Organizacion Criminal Gaiana ~ within Sin City

Evil World Rude ~ Current location: New World ~

Tags: español, spanish, crimen, chile, mexico

Teh Vandal Private 11,900 38
the black skuld army ((Español))

Black skuld es un lugar para pasar el rato, divertirse con charlas agradables y Rolear, si eres un rolero !

Tags: Spanish, Español, Latino, Hispanohablante

Saint Kainex Moonstone Private 608,212 1,307
La familia roto

We are small, we may be broken. But no one gets left behind or forgotten. Ohana.

Tags: Family, Friends, Always, Together, Forever

Buho Roto Private 3 8
Antiguo Imperio Koopa

Tags: Luigi Koopa

Morton Bowser Koopa Public 10,643 55
Familia do Po

Guilda em portugues !

Tags: Brasil, portugal, brazil, portugues

Kazumi Takashi do Po Public 30,569 549
¨El instituto Ligthhouse¨

Entren y vean lo que ofrece esta ciudad ; )

Tags: Espaniol, Juegos de Rol, Rol Playing games, Anime, Musica

Necromangel Public 13,403 118
Sauce/Siempre Family Guild


Tags: Gaia family

How LoveIy Private 298 65
Tempus Familia

This is a family of respect and caring ways.

Tags: fallenangel, demon, neko, levianthangel, ravens

Lady Vulpes Tempus Private 6 9
Oltranza Familia

Wicked fun

Tags: Yaoi, Yuri, Mafia family, Conquest, World domination

PandaZim Public 117 11
Familiae est Alastyre

A Guild for Familiae est Alastyre (The Family of Alastyre.)

Tags: Kadon, Alastyre, Family, RolePlay, Monochrome

Kadon AIastyre Public 51 18
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