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Journey Book Roleplays

Multi Genre Roleplay Forum

Tags: Fantasy, Medieval, Group, Dedicated, Active

Serena of Pretensa Public 30,515 7
RPing For Dummies.

Rping basics and Learning how to rp, or showing noobs whos boss.

Tags: Rping, Basics, Flying Tosters, awesomeness

shadowedwolfy Public 44 8
Doge Dummies.

many shibes. very doges. such dumb-dumbs. wow.

Tags: Doge, Shibe, Meme, Funny, Much

Such Shibe Public 44 17
Honor Amoung Thieves

Tags: Theif, Knight, Medieval, Fantasy, Anime

_Sleepying_angel_ Private 418 3
~~~Shinigami 14 squads~~~

All bleach fans are welcome ;D

Tags: Shinigami, Soul reaper, Role playing, Bleach, 13 squads

Straw Hat xKari-Swanx Public 200 36
lacking korean? JOIN HERE FOR DUMMIES :D

korean speaking guild for those dummies

Tags: korean, learn, dummies, asian, smart

EcHO n kiMChi Public 98 128
Rajio Chaneru 1

Rajio Chaneru 1's studio.

Tags: Radio, Studio, Channel, Dummies, LOLLIPOP

Nikeru RJ1 Public 87 9
Dummy guild 1.0 N Y U B U N Public 447 1
Scarlet Hatter

The Mad Hatter,Black Rabbit,Cat, an Alice all meet for one final stand off

Tags: Alice, Mad hatter, Scarlet, Dummy twins, Dutchis

Sinthetic Ecstasy Public 4 3
Role Play For Dummies (RPFD)

If you need a description then you shouldn't be here.

Tags: role-play, role, play

Mikoto Unami Public 240 5
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