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Gaia Gaming Guild (G³)

G³ is a multi-platform gaming community open to both casual & hardcore players.

Tags: xbox, nintendo, playstation, gaming, droid

Genkai taught me well Private 795 43
The Emental family

elemental family

Ahtahkakoop Public 2 3
S.W. the Clone Wars: A.G.D. (Under new management)

Star Wars the Clone Wars is a guild for Star Wars fans who roleplay to come togethor and have fun!

Tags: Star, Wars, Roleplay, Clone, Jedi

darrensommers Private 19,271 9
Star wars:Clone commandos

Become and elite republic unit and fight the CIS!

Tags: star wars, clones, wars, commandos, troopers

UNSC Lone Wolf Public 23 18
~Bleach~ Fallen Hope

The gates of Hell has opened, Vizards have made their homes in Karakura, Espada have grown stronger, and the Gotei 13, weaker.

Tags: Bleach, Vizard, Arrancar, Shinigami, Sinner

Hikari Kiyomizu Public 2,479 5
Star Wars: The Force Connects Us

A great place for Old Republic fans to roleplay with one another in a free roam environment.

Tags: Old Republic, Star Wars, Jedi, Sith, Force

Kazuma Of The Wind Private 127 6
Red Raid Renegades

Space adventures

Tags: role play, space, rebel, mercanary, missions

IN-VeeI Private 241 15
Industrial-Magic War Roleplay

A war between the once noble Brithyra Government and the magic Florense people has started! Choose a side and fight for what you believe!

Tags: Steampunk, Fantasy, Roleplay, Fight, Magic

Adrian Adelais Public 104 3
Star Wars-Dark Descent

This is a Star Wars Role Play based 2000 years after Luke creates the New Jedi Order.

Tags: Star Wars, Sith, Jedi, Troopers

Solomon Delacroix Private 9 1
Star Wars: Galactic War

Roleplay Group in the Star Wars Universe

Tags: Star Wars, Roleplay, Republic, Jedi, Sith

Little Miss Stark Public 2 1
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