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Results for "drakness"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Drak Drak_w88 Private 563 1
Three Kingdoms ((A Kingdom RPing Guild))

Tags: battle

final_wolf Public 184 6
Gaia Inn & Bar side-quest guild Nalya Eternal Private 125 7
The Royal Guard of Queen Geen

The Royal Guard of Queen Geen

Tags: royal, guard, queen, combat, magic

Draconius Fidelius Public 6 14
Shining Tears X wing

a war for peace

Tags: drakness, light, evil, death, magic

Demon_slayerdante2028 Public 92 8
The Forbidden Draks

This is a guild for assassin's and thief's and anyone else with killing experience

Wolf the Assassin 123123 Public 20 2
kingdom hearts: out of the darkness

Tags: kingdom hearts, roleplay, come out of the drakness

kidHotShot Public 8 7
The Darkness' Freedom

the battle for the freedom of darkness has started.

Tags: friends, drakness, light, wars, love

biohazard_wolf8080 Public 20 2

Scifi styled roleplay paired with adoptable companions! If your looking for something original you found it.!

Tags: Sci Fi, Dragons, Roleplaying, Literate, Long Term

Inkzie Public 320 10
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