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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
==> [S] Ascend

The guild for everything MSPA

Tags: Homestuck, Problem Sleuth, MS Paint Adventures, MSPA, Andrew Hussie

Vriska Serket Public 2,260 317
U.N.S.C. Insurrection

"Our job is not to jump feet first in to Hell, but to make sure its crowded when we get there."

Tags: Rebels, Insurrection, Anti unsc, rebellion

Assassin Vet Private 12 3
Galactic Federation of Free Worlds {Under Updates} Professor Tahiri Public 3,744 56
The Second Chance Guild

Sometimes goodbye is a second chance...

Tags: fanfiction, independence, role-play, anime, diplomacy

Saren Tyndall Public 742 5
Naruto: The Prime Evils (UC)

A literate RPing guild designed to form a setting around Naruto, with an original storyline that is legit. Your patience is rewarded.

Tags: naruto, power, ninja, shinobi, role play

Spreader of Malice Private 16,379 9
Military Police Department -MPD- Treaty Orginization ~WATNN~

This guild is ~WATNN~ We are the new nations, Mpd's Alliance/Treaty Organization that is originally protected by MPD&It's Allies.

Tags: MpdAlliance, MpdNAP, MpdNegotiation, NonAgressivePacts, Protected

Cold Doubt Private 24 62
The Knights Whose Armor Shone

A knights and damsels Role-Play

Tags: Knights, Roleplay, wars, medieval, diplomacy

Noble I-6-I Public 2,115 21
Shadowthorn University for Gifted Students

Welcome to Shadowthorn University, school for the greatest fighters and smartest scholars that the world has to offer

Tags: Fighting, Diplomacy, University, Student, College

Syx LaRexhei Public 2,557 38
Chronicles of Nevara (U/C)

Tags: Roleplay, Magic, Fantasy

Siras Cortage Private 12 4
Tales Of Oppression 

It's the time of the Renaissance and Oppression is at hand. Slavery, Wars and a Resistance. What will happen? Join and find out!

Tags: Action, Slavery, castle, rustic, Renaissance

Yao Wang of China Public 64 7
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