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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Galactic Federation of Free Worlds {Under Updates} Professor Tahiri Public 3,744 56
The Knights Whose Armor Shone

A knights and damsels Role-Play

Tags: Knights, Roleplay, wars, medieval, diplomacy

Noble I-6-I Public 2,117 21
Shadowthorn University for Gifted Students

Welcome to Shadowthorn University, school for the greatest fighters and smartest scholars that the world has to offer

Tags: Fighting, Diplomacy, University, Student, College

Syx LaRexhei Public 2,557 38
The Second Chance Guild

Sometimes goodbye is a second chance...

Tags: fanfiction, independence, role-play, anime, diplomacy

Saren Tyndall Public 742 5
Naruto: The Prime Evils (UC)

A literate RPing guild designed to form a setting around Naruto, with an original storyline that is legit. Your patience is rewarded.

Tags: naruto, power, ninja, shinobi, role play

Spreader of Malice Private 16,379 9
==> [S] Ascend

The guild for everything MSPA

Tags: Homestuck, Problem Sleuth, MS Paint Adventures, MSPA, Andrew Hussie

Vriska Serket Public 2,260 314
Military Police Department -MPD- Treaty Orginization ~WATNN~

This guild is ~WATNN~ We are the new nations, Mpd's Alliance/Treaty Organization that is originally protected by MPD&It's Allies.

Tags: MpdAlliance, MpdNAP, MpdNegotiation, NonAgressivePacts, Protected

Cold Doubt Private 24 62
U.N.S.C. Insurrection

"Our job is not to jump feet first in to Hell, but to make sure its crowded when we get there."

Tags: Rebels, Insurrection, Anti unsc, rebellion

Viktor Richtofen Private 12 2
Chronicles of Nevara (U/C)

Tags: Roleplay, Magic, Fantasy

Siras Cortage Private 12 4
Tales Of Oppression 

It's the time of the Renaissance and Oppression is at hand. Slavery, Wars and a Resistance. What will happen? Join and find out!

Tags: Action, Slavery, castle, rustic, Renaissance

Yao Wang of China Public 64 7
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