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Angel Eclipse

A unique role playing community!

Tags: Roleplaying, Fantasy, Adventure, Angel, Eclipse

fuzzybrick Private 262,179 770
Serenity A Haven for Roleplayers

This guild is for the ones who like to RP, Write, and Read. There will be other stuff but mostly that. Hope you like it :)

Tags: RPing, Writers, Readers, Anime, Drawers

Ava850 Public 31,088 77
Etεrniȶy Bounȡεȡ ℓovε // a Master x Slave Guild

Welcome to Eternity Bounded Love. This is a semi. lit slave & masters role play. We are ALWAYS accepting new people. ( REOPENED 01/7/14!! )

Tags: Semi. Lit, Slave, Master, Action, Romance

MMXIV Private 9,501 27
Dimensional Collision: The Ultimate RP Story

Ever had restrictions on your character due to a story plot line? Experience a world for all characters and their worlds combined.

Tags: Roleplaying, Ultimate Story, Adventure, Awesome, Creative

LightAngelOfVCS Public 3,130 63

//jurassic park theme plays

Tags: Post-apocalyptic, Dinosaurs, Survival

Star Stealing Giirl Private 10 4
An RP Haven

RP whatever you want, and discuss whatever you want. An RP guild open for everyone and everything!

Tags: roleplay, variety, icecream, whatothertagscaniuse, dinosaurs

KatjaJean Public 472 7
Let's Role in the Play!

A RP group for any type of RP wanted :3

Tags: yaoi/yuri, 1x1 RP, roleplay, master and slave, active

Kureo-Kyoku Public 6 2
□ ■ Dinotopia ■ □

a B/C shop based on the world of Dinotopia

Tags: Dinosaurs, Dinotopia, Humans

dinotopiancitizen Public 21 3

For animals

Tags: Animals, Gaia, Military, Army

Siempre Amore Private 3 1
Children of Ra : a B/C guild

a B/C guild for the Children of Ra

Tags: bird, avian, feathery, dinosaur, dragon

Children of Ra Public 35 7
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