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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The German Guild

Tags: german, deutsch, germany, deutschland

Mighty-Nighty Private 170,080 1,382
*~.~*Gaia auf deutsch*~.~*

Tags: deutsch, german, deutschsprachig, foreign, language

The_Delicius_Delux_Danny Private 295,571 1,241
Happy German Tsurugi no Okami Private 8,833 137
German Roleplay Guild

it's supposed to be a german roleplaying guild :/

Tags: german, role play, role play game, rollenspiel, deutsch

Sangius Private 1,143 71
Mein Teil Groupies

Tags: Rammstein, Music, Neue Deutsche Härte

MOIKAY WAY Public 426 134
The Penpals Guild

Meet and talk with penpals from around the world!~

Tags: countries, foreign, penpals, language, people

sayurihaxx Private 13 3
The Austrian Guild

The ultimate and currently only Guild for all People from Austria!

Tags: german, deutsch, austria, österreich, blubb

Riiako Public 535 19
The German Guild.

No other German-teaching guild gives more attention to Germany's culture, or language better than us.

Slightly Sam Public 33 1
Rammstein Soldaten

Rammstein's Army

Tags: Rammstein, german, neue, deutsche, harte

xChernayaVdovax Private 106 7
The supernatural / Das Übernatürliche

Just to talk about the supernatural. German And English Guild

Tags: german, english, supernatural, übernatürlich, deutsch

Yuiper Public 8 2
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