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D•e•d•i•c•a•t•i•o•n ♡ T•o ♡

A Multi-RP Guild, with things like RPs, Games, Shops, and even a teaching section for the ones who want to learn and be better!

Tags: RolePlaying, multi, Teaching, Dedication, Imagination

Damian Sol Public 3,778 4
Guild Latino

Join to chat with all the hispanic people in the world!

Tags: spanish speakers, latino, cuban, mexican, puerto rican

I Gori I Public 349 127

Tags: italian, spanish, mexicans, boricua, cuban

snorp Public 131 152

This guild is awesome with no ruled RP. I think youll like it. :D

Tags: romance, supernatural

Darman Arya Private 8,365 17
proud to be spanish

this is for all the latnois only i might accpet u if u do have a spanish blood line

Tags: race, latnio, cuba, mexico, spain

ninja snuggy Public 61 8
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