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A Guild on Gaiaonline of those who play Minecraft

Tags: minecraft, mine, craft, creeper, game

Huqs Public 7,920 1,712
Hetalia: New World Order! [NOW OPEN]

This Hetalia guild is dedicated to Hetalia and all the wonderful role-players! We may be small but we will become huge soon!

Tags: hetalia, role playing, axis powers, love, discussion

Russian_Vodka_Fox Public 678 24
Valentine Creepers

For lovers of the creepers thread, Valentine's day 2k11

Tags: Creepers, Valentine, 2k11, Anons

FatalMelancholia Public 17,081 313

a guild all about helping others and your h0m13s

Tags: h0m13s, friend, help, south side creepers, sureno

TERRACE-XIII_SSC Private 569 78
The Freaks Academy.

Freaks, Musicians, Preps, Weird things, Creepy-ness, Freinds.

ndudhenwkww Public 4,428 21
Lunar Wolf Guardians

Guardians of the night.

Tags: Protection, Allies

SilentJ1 Private 15 2

This is the place people can talk about what they love, MINECRAFT!!!

Tags: Stevie, Creeper, Minecraft

finny cakes Public 12 3
Atlantis Academy

An underwater academy for all creatures strange and mystical

Tags: roleplay, school, academy, semi-literate, atlantis

ISkarletI Private 601 16
MC Server - GaiaCraft

Semi Vanilla Server - PVE, Non-Griefing

Tags: Minecraft, Server, Gaming

moonia takashi Public 8 11
Creeper Community Guild

A refuge for friendly creepers of all kinds, including gift-giving anons.

Creeper-kun Private 42 1
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