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The Guild for all things Role Play and Random ^^ Hikari_Mamo Public 10,190 77
◇ Xtreme Skilled Knights ◇

An army of many is more powerful than an army of one.

Tags: everything, anime, poetry, clan, gold, fun, knights, skilled, RP, games, music, advice, vending, webcasts, booty grab, contests, art, music, zOMG, Wii, Xbox, Playstation, PC

XSK Ambrosia Private 108,087 8,288
Roleplayers Guild of awesomeness! [ active RP's only]

Bored? Well we are too! So come joins our for Active only RPs and Make some great pals!

Marie Rouge Public 215,820 1,280
Role Play Nation!

A Roleplay Safe Haven

Tags: Active, Dark, Adventure, Comedy, hang out

Davey Word Hunter Private 61,434 157
Pokemon: Adventures Around the World

A Pokemon role-playing guild, which starts from the very beginning to the end.

Tags: Pokemon, role-playing, comedy, adventure

Angel of Hollowness Private 135 5
Starlight Academy

Welcome to Starlight Academy, a safe haven for anyone!

Tags: Role-play, academy, comedy, fantasy

Angel of Hollowness Private 1,037 4
Udinata Town

This is a small town that blends many races, including anthros, elves, and humans as the majority.

Tags: Town, Fighting, Romance, Comedy

MattDalmatian Private 25 4
Land's End Cove

Supernatural realism and slice of life roleplay

Tags: roleplay, comedy, romance, supernatural, daily life

StrawberryZ0mbie Private 1,856 25
Kingdom Hearts: Absolution

Another danger has appeared after Organization XIII was taken care of. Although few still remain. But what new danger threatens our heroes?

Tags: Kingdom Hearts: Awakening, Kingdom Hearts: Aligned Hearts, role-playing, comedy, romance

Angel of Hollowness Private 75 4
Continuum Academy

An academy set safely between the borders of space and time. A haven for anyone to come to.

Tags: Academy, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Role-play

Angel of Hollowness Private 31 2
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