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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Dying Sun: Mercenaries Guild Lord Flenn Private 33 5
Elite n00b Hunters fallen child of Summer Private 484 33
A Classic Conundrum xXxFed0raL0rd420SwAgxXx Private 323 11
The Official Indianapolis Colts Guild

All bout them Colts :)

WrightSterr Public 5 12

Resident evils own bsaa & stars

Blood Gangster Leader Public 10 1
U.S. Army Rangers

Rangers lead the way, all the way.

Tags: merc, army, gaia, united, force

Sir lnvictus Public 2,035 270
The Reinless and the Reins

A guild about a very special animal, the horse.

Tags: Horse, Riding, Wild, Freedom, Ranch

Memories in the Mist Private 247 13
Defender Armories

The activities of the militant defense contracting company. These are the stories of their soldiers and scientists.

Tags: Military, Rebellion, Role-Play

Jhonathan King Private 52 2
Supernatural (the untold stories)

A role play guild based on the TV show Supernatural

Tags: Supernatural, Role Play, Literate, Dean, Winchester

moustachelover17 Public 3,031 3
The Boston Clique

The Irish Mob Families of New England

Tags: Irish, Mafia, History, Boston, NewEnlgand

Dead Poe Private 17 3
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