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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
D Gray Man:: World of Forgotten Names

For those that wish to explore the world of D Gray Man

Tags: Anime, Roleplay, D Gray Man, Akuma

Ometison Public 70 2
Vivid Lucidity: Cognizant Imaginations

A roleplaying world filled with whatever your imagination can conjure.

Tags: Fantasy, Roleplay

Butterscotch Faerie Tales Private 144 20
Star Wars Old Republic: Outbreak

The Smuggler's Moon is over run by Rakghouls! However will you survive and make it off planet?

Tags: Star, Wars, Space, Republic, Outbreak

Sage Akia Public 4 4
The Ninth Guild [Adventure Roleplay]

A task-based roleplay commissioned as heroes to save the world one mission at a time.

Tags: roleplay, hero, adventure, guild, anime

Bumclot Private 14,619 41
Field of Shattered Dreams (Closed)


Tags: fantasy, Mecha, Magic, SuperHero's & Hero's

Tavril Public 10,758 12
Punk Rockers of Gaia

A guild for people who love punk rock and any subgenre of it.

Tags: Punk, Rock, Music Genre, blink-182, Pop Punk

Xx_Yellowcard_Emmy96_xX Public 1,613 238
Star Wars: Galaxy of Intrigue

A Star Wars Massive RP Guild for those who love the Galaxy Far Far Away. Come and Join us and may the Force be with you!

Tags: Hutts, Mandalorians, Sith, Jedi, Star Wars

Major Logica Public 35 4

we dont fake it ese we just take it por que es la eme ese

Tags: crip, cartel, chapo, mexican, mafia

Modern Empires

Classical Mafia Role-play

Tags: Mafia, Gang, Mobster, Crime, Cartel

Santiago Campos Private 2,887 15
Columbian Drug Cartel.

Drug Shipments world wide.

Tags: Columbians, Drugs, Cartel, Role Play, Guns

ML Moralis Private 186 31
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