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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members

Playground for the random.

Tags: Random, Hangout, Roleplay, Contests, Arts

Blind Blindness Public 691,468 10,932
CB Hellfire Club

A club of friendly, good-hearted people with a dash of sin.

Tags: Hellfire Club, Social, Friendly, Sinning, Shenanigans

Azial Private 833 3
Gaian British Guild

A haven for British Gaians, and those sympathetic to their peculiar ways!

Tags: britain, british, United Kingdom, english, england

Invictus_88 Public 35,266 709
Royal Academy: school for the gifted (Under constuction)

an academy for the truly gifted to learn about their abilities

Tags: academy, school, role play, anime, powers

Blood_Moon san Public 9,357 85
The European Front (Title Pending)

Create your own task force for your country; and recruit other roleplayers to join, form alliances, and duke it out through hard missions

Tags: Wars, Political Standpoints, Battles, Alliances, Treaties

Kay9214 Private 39 1
Їйfёcтїоц$ Dємї$є (A Zомвїє Apоcalуp$ё ЯP)

Will you survive?

Tags: Zombie, Literate/Semi Lit, Romance, Roleplay, Action

Nicolette Mahar Public 623 9
Worldly Neighbors Association

We are problem solvers and admire so much with society.

Tags: Battle, Intelligence, Peace, Logic, World

DevilinMetamorpheus Private 13 2
Tales Of Oppression 

It's the time of the Renaissance and Oppression is at hand. Slavery, Wars and a Resistance. What will happen? Join and find out!

Tags: Action, Slavery, castle, rustic, Renaissance

Yao Wang of China Public 64 7
Waking December

This guild is a role play guild for the band Waking Dacember.

Tags: Anime, Band Role Play, Music, Musical Discussion, Epicness

BriTeaRae Public 7 2
The Brethren of the Coast

A semi-realistic pirate role play taking place during the Golden Age of Piracy

Tags: Pirate, Adventure, Ship, Sailing, Navy

Imported Bum Private 187 28
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