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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Faekat Adoption Agency

Faekat Guild

Tags: Faekat, breedables

Meeki Public 203,168 1,565
Soquili Era

Tags: soquili, horses, breedable pets, pet horses, familiars

Soquili Era Private 346,002 1,855

Tags: Winiko, demons, breedables

Sullivan Public 13,368 129
Dream Dancers Dream Dancers Private 21,354 132
.:. Shadows of Africa .:. Mila Farrell Private 460,560 1,529
Soquili Services

Tags: soquili services, soquili, horse, fantasy breedables, native america

Soquili Era Private 207,075 1,619

Tags: matope, kimeti, pets, breedables, Role-playing

Matope Public 65,602 475

Guild for the TRHQ Breedables Shop

TRHQ Guild Captain Public 60,481 344
♥ In the Name of the Moon! ♥

A Sailor Moon based B/C shop! Come join us!

Tags: Sailor, Moon, Scouts, Breedables, Senshi

The Space Cauldron Public 241,065 591
[Hell Bound] Hell Bound Mule Public 3,927 117
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