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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Northwestern Academy of the Redwoods

An Academy/School Roleplaying guild, open to all. Semi-lit to Lit.

The Muse of Vixens Public 382 23
The Twin Keys

War plagues the land. Races going against races with little hope for the future. The key to survival lies within the legend of the Twin Keys

Tags: Role playing, Angels, Ghosts, Vampires, Demons

DemonLordAthea Public 5,180 26
The Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi Roleplay Guild

This is a guild for all Yu-Gi-Oh Yaoi fans! Come talk and roleplay with fellow shippers. And don't be afraid to post some fanart and fanfic!

Tags: Yu-Gi-Oh, Yaoi, Roleplay, Anime, Community

PuppyDogJou Public 4,530 58
Oh joy, ZOMBIES.

Rampant zombie virus? Good times.

Tags: Zombies, Killing Zombies, Zombies killing Zombies, Blunt objects, Killing zombies with blunt objects

Criddious Public 107 9
Akatsuki of the Red dawn

Naruto Roleplay

Tags: Akatsuki, Role, play, Naruto, ninjs

Amiko_Aliander Private 876 11
The Final XIII

The Next Chapter in the Kingdom Hearts saga

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Organization XIII, Organization 13, Nobodies, XIII

Noxaus_XIII Public 114 20
Zombie Apocalypse Diaries

The chronicle of humans surviving all odds in a world ruled by the undead.

Tags: Zombie, Diaries, Survival, Role Play, Apocalypse

x_Undefined-Silence_x Public 10,280 106

This is a guild for Marijuana discussions, should it be legalized?

Tags: Weed, Ganja, Joint, MaryJane, Blunt

R0BBERY Public 3,564 353
♥blunts & bongs♥

all about weed blunts and bongs and anything else upload anything about weed

Tags: weed, blunts, bongs, pipes, bowls

Prince Rashon Public 4 4
Isles or Xperia

With the isles in a state of uncertainty when it comes to the near future, it's up to the few to save the many.

Tags: Adventure, Companionship, Fighting, Loss, Romance

Arisen prism Public 643 11
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