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Collideascope: I Just Want To Wake Up

What if you were stuck in a dream you could not wake up from?

Tags: role play, fantasy, literate, mystery, romance

TaijimaNarumi Private 1,624 11
♥ The Boy's Love Guild ♥

For everything yaoi [やおい], homosexual, and a little bit kinky.

Tags: yaoi, boy's love, shonen ai, bishounen, bishies

YukoraDragonheart Public 10,456 700
Bishie's RPG World :p


- Phoenix Darkwing - Public 429 7
Heart no Kuni no Alice{Alice in the Country of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland

Tags: Roleplaying, Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Wonderland

Heta-chan Public 353 37
The R. R. R. N. S. P. B. G.

This is a literate guild of random.

Tags: Random, Childish, Bizarre, Silly, Fandom

Kittywitch Public 1,495 19
The Gourmet Pocky Shoppe

The guild for the TGPS breedables shop.

Tags: Pocky, Boys, Bishies, TGPS, Breedables

The Gourmet Pocky Shoppe Private 2,475 68
KHRBishi boys~

A place where you can just sit and talk about your favorite male character in hitman reborn!~

Tags: hitman reborn, boys, rant, bishi

Odoroi ta - chan Public 3 7

We will battle against them and we WILL win!

Tags: HeatProofRats, Gaia, Wars, Demonic, Bishies

The Lady Twele Private 256 10
Heart No Kuni No Alice/Alice in the country of Hearts

The "Heart No Kuni No Alice/Alice in the country of hearts" Guild is a Guild where You can voice your opinions of this outstanding manga

Tags: Heart, Kuni, Alice, Country, Peter

Peter-White-Rabbit Public 43 19
+ Yaoi Paradise +


Simply Rae Private 494 2
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