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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Legion of Fangs [Cities will build:.:Cities then fall]

Modern Fantasy Roleplay and General Discussion/Chat

Tags: Vampire, Werewolf, Modern, General, Chat

CrossingTheGreatDivide Public 4,130 9
RP for assasins and ninjas alike

RP action

Keiko Akagi Zillo Private 10,086 22
The dagger wars

will you rise to the seat of a ruler? or become the lord of a underground?

Tags: action, romance, drama, tragedy

Adonfang Private 34 6
Royal Prep Academy

The royal's, who's jobs is to keep peace, are in danger, and even the safest place, is no longer safe.

Tags: Royalty, romance, academy, assassins, vampires

Nyan_Cupcakes Public 2,903 85
Mach Gundam: Threat from Within. Under Construction. Masaro Miyashi Private 1,978 68
The Land Of Video Games!

Roleplay as your favorite video game characters!

Tags: Halo, Assasins creed, mortal kombat, legend of zelda, Portal 2

the study of wumbo Public 727 25
~~The Fray Family~~

This guild is for the Fray Clan. We are a bunch of trouble making demons, related by blood.

Tags: Clan, Fray, Family, Role Playing, Demonic

Creamy_Mix Public 43 10

Imagi-NATION is an Anime/Manga guild built with the imagination of Gaians.

Tags: Anime, Manga, Imagination, Role Playing

Otaku-Chan_GX Public 15 5
The Iron Cloaks

the Iron cloaks are a guild of warriors and rogues dealing with the most fearsome of monsters and demons

Tags: Role playing, assasins, Warrior, awesome, epic

LordoftheMelons Public 4 1
Sakura no hana academy

Tags: Rping, action, Romance, Ninja, Assasin

Captain Rika Public 46 4
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