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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Mach Gundam: Threat from Within. Under Construction. Masaro Miyashi Private 1,978 68
Royal Prep Academy

The royal's, who's jobs is to keep peace, are in danger, and even the safest place, is no longer safe.

Tags: Royalty, romance, academy, assassins, vampires

Nyan_Cupcakes Public 2,832 82
Legion of Fangs [Cities will build:.:Cities then fall]

Modern Fantasy Roleplay and General Discussion/Chat

Tags: Vampire, Werewolf, Modern, General, Chat

CrossingTheGreatDivide Public 4,124 9
RP for assasins and ninjas alike

RP action

Keiko Akagi Zillo Private 10,080 22
The dagger wars

will you rise to the seat of a ruler? or become the lord of a underground?

Tags: action, romance, drama, tragedy

Adonfang Private 34 6
The Land Of Video Games!

Roleplay as your favorite video game characters!

Tags: Halo, Assasins creed, mortal kombat, legend of zelda, Portal 2

the study of wumbo Public 727 25
~~The Fray Family~~

This guild is for the Fray Clan. We are a bunch of trouble making demons, related by blood.

Tags: Clan, Fray, Family, Role Playing, Demonic

Creamy_Mix Public 43 10

Imagi-NATION is an Anime/Manga guild built with the imagination of Gaians.

Tags: Anime, Manga, Imagination, Role Playing

Otaku-Chan_GX Public 15 5
The Iron Cloaks

the Iron cloaks are a guild of warriors and rogues dealing with the most fearsome of monsters and demons

Tags: Role playing, assasins, Warrior, awesome, epic

LordoftheMelons Public 4 1
Sakura no hana academy

Tags: Rping, action, Romance, Ninja, Assasin

Captain Rika Public 46 4
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