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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Red Dust Society

Hate us. Love us. It Matters Not, For We Will Rule You.

Tags: Semi-Literate, Literate, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action

necrodaddy Public 3,812 22
The Red Crayon Aristocracy

Where the Children Rule

Tags: Rule of Rose, Crayon, Orphanage, Psychotic, Atlus

Biagio Largo Public 1,202 31
Code Geass: The Britainian Rebellion

Mechiene battles,

Tags: Geass, Japan, Britania, China, Nightmare

Captian Shimada Public 173 14
The Aristocracy

The Big Kids...

Tags: Government, Stuck-Up, Rich, Powerful, Aristocratic

peaoyema Public 6 5

For those more refined, wealthy people of Gaia.

Tags: sophisticated, aristocrat, wealth, refined, fancy

Crystalline Prophet Public 7 4
The Federation of Aurelian States

A Vast Land of Provinces *A Roleplaying Group*

Tags: Role Play, Fantasy, Fame, Realms, Quests

Senkairai Private 41 3
Aristocracy: A Glowing Guild

Not just plain Grab of Booty, but a Booty grab with elegance and style.

Tags: Booty, Grab, Glowing, Gold, Elegance

Aetherwing Public 282 109

Discuss and create an ideal aristocratic society. Roleplay within the aristocratic nation of Aristokratía. "And much, much more!"

Tags: Aristokratia, Aristokratía, aristocracy, society, roleplay

Sir Azrael the Philo King Private 20 5
A Golden Tether

Literate Furry 1800's Roleplay

Tags: furry, glbt, roleplay, master/slave, crime

RadioWires Private 563 14
一 千 一 百 八 十 五 年

[1185 A.D] It's a shame how such beautiful things come to die.

Tags: Chinese, Korean, Warlords, Feudalism, Fantasy

Acidic Corruption Public 4 19
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