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Gaia Alliance for the Mentally Ill

Tags: schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, adhd, anxiety

Doctrix Public 4,007 217
『♥♦♣♠ A M N E S I A~L A T E R ♠♣♦♥』


Tags: Amnesia, Later, Otome, Game, Anime

elusie Public 3 12
[Amnesia] [AMNEƧIA] [アムネシア]

A guild for people who love the Anime and Game AMNEƧIA. Let us support Heroine, Shin, Ikki, Kent, Toma, Ukyo, Waka, and Orion!

Tags: Amnesia, Romance, Otome, Bishounen, Game

Mizushima Kazeha Public 113 90
Amnesia: Ukyo x Heroine Guild

Amnesia Ukyo x Heroine

Akumu Makino Public 525 92
Amnesia: The Dark Descent. ~A Fan Guild~

A guild for Amnesia enthusiasts to chat about the game, as well as a place to RP.

Tags: frictional games, amnesia, the dark descent, justine, Tobuscus

Alois Racine Public 365 42
Camelot: The New Era. U.C.

Everyone knows the story of Camelot and the struggle between brother and sister. But what happens when Arthur falls?

Tags: Camelot, Knights, Avalon, Unseelie Seelie Fae, Magic

Kitiara_fox Private 604 1
~~~ LOVELESS: The Role Play Guild ~~~

Loveless rp.

Tags: roleplaying, loveless, neko, human

-laurel_the_faerie- Public 411 56
PewDiePie Lovers! :D

People who love Felix, A.K.A. PewDiePie, the Youtube sensation. c:

Tags: Pewdiepie, Stephano, Barrels, Amnesia

iiEpic_Pixie Public 14 7
Naruto | Mirai no kaze

Welcome to the new world? New found friendships and rivalries appear. Where will you stand?

Tags: Shinobi, Future, Change, Kekkei Genkai, Adventure

Shaunye West Private 11 4
Guardians: Amnesia

A role play about young hero's lost in the world

Tags: Guardians, Amnesia, Heroes, Life and death, adventure

Aura-talia Public 2 1
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