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Obsessers of FullMetal Alchemist!!!

Love FullMetal Alchemist? So much you're obsessed with it? Then this is the guild for you.

Tags: Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elirc, Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, alchemy

Cataberry Public 4,863 382

an anime middle school/high school /university for all race of beings

Tags: anime, love/romance, university/college, high school/middle school, monsters/humans

kaoru 94 sensei Public 17,989 163
The Item Guild- The one stop Guild for all Item Lists

A Guilde dedicated to all that which Gaia releases in all bundles.

Tags: RIGs, Items, Alchemy, Cash Shop, Gold Shop

Winter Hue Public 986 582
Alchemy Lost Manuscripts

A unique collection of antique knowledge.

Tags: Alchemy, Wings, Giveaways, Charity, Caches

MaclauMo Private 5,929 86
.: Alchemy :.

Shop guild for Alchemy

Tags: Alchemy

Alchemy OE Public 95 23
Vampire Chronicles

Zomg! Artists, Writers, Role Players, Gamers. Join and be opened up to a whole world of Gaia friends and advice!

Tags: Zomg, Alchemy, Anime, Games, Prizes

DarknessLoved1 Public 371 59
Chasing Your Future: Amaterasu Academy

A cool guild. Warning: There may be some explicit langauge on the front page as well as throughout the rest of the guild.

Tags: Anime, Role Playing, Adventure, Drama, Action

Ohime-sama Senpai Private 7,963 68
The Untold Guild Of Roleplay (U/C)

A guild of roleplay fun for roleplayers everywhere. Rp the main rp, "real life" rp, or any rp you desire. Accepting now and forever!

Tags: roleplay, fairytale, book, magic, real life

RosesOfDeathYetFullOfLife Private 825 13
Extravagant Gaians

A guild completely based on making gold.

Tags: Exchange, Casino, DTTPAY, Gifting, Alchemy

Extravagants Public 43 1
The Workings of Birdbrain

A personal guild for my ideas and notes of all sorts.

Wingseagle Private 3 1
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