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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
PlayStation Guild

Tags: Playstation, playstation 3, Final Fantasy, xbox 360, Sony

The Full English Public 9,331 961
UNSC Delta Base

This is Delta. The base of operations for all active UNSC forces. All able bodied men and women are asked to serve for humanity's survival.

Tags: Halo, ODST, Video Games, Role Play, Xbox 360

daarken Public 43 14
Xbox360 Gamers United

Tags: Microsoft, Xbox, gaming, gamertag

shimawara Public 202 147
Nomi Del Socti: The Campaign of the Gods

Two societies and one planet with two different idea's that are to big for both of them to be on the planet.

Tags: Mecha, Life and Death, Academy, Military

Ari the Grim Reaper Public 1,115 11
Fools Pro Gaming

A pro gaming clan for both the X1 and 360.

xDefault Private 1 1
Welcome to the Capital Wasteland : A Fallout 3 Guild

Enjoy the official and best Fallout 3 Guild!

Tags: Fallout, Wasteland, XBOX 360, Gaming, Role Playing

Remote Controlled Rocket Public 6,278 72
Borderland Brigaders

The guild for the vault hunters of borderlands

Tags: borderlands, xbox, Boned256, plastation3, night shot125

morla_the_ancient_one Public 173 69
Happy Wars

A Guild dedicated to Great Teamwork on the XBLA Happy Wars

Tags: Happy Wars, XBox, XBLA, Teamwork, Free

ErementaruKoori Private 16 11

this is a Xbox 360 video game guild started by me RyuuSKY

Tags: jump, press b2 jump, Xbox, game, video games

Ryuu sky Public 3 3
G.O.W. Gamers for Life

Dedicated to Gears of War fans as well as Xbox 360 gamers

Tags: gears of war, xbox, gamers, xbox 360

Nataro Brave Private 1 2
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