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Michigaia: Gaians of Michigan

Tags: Michigan, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights

ariadne1031 Public 780 187
The Wolverines

The 113th Wolverines were the worlds most elite and advanced fighting force before they were disbanded. Now theyre back.

Tags: Military, Guns, Fighting, Elite, Future

Grimsystem Public 154 13
Ultimas: Original Superheroes Universe

A world, a universe, with its own heroes, villains, and everything in between.

Tags: Superpowers, Heroes, Villains, Original Universe, Literate

Malith of Praxius Private 35 6
A Tale of Wishes and Blood

RP guild for both Xmen and Pokemon

Tags: xmen, pokemon, Misty, wolverine, roleplaying

Aryanna Targaryen Private 244 3
Avengers: The Roleplay

Basically an amazing superhero roleplay.

Tags: Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Thor, Wasp, Captain America

JLU Jedi Private 753 11
X-men,Government Trials!(Open and Accepting!)

Tags: role-play, x-men

yata346 Public 1,447 29
Next Generation Of X-men.

An action, movie based Role-playing guild.

Tags: Next, Generation Of, X-men, Action, Role-playing Guild

x-KrazzehKiwi Public 1,562 36
X-Men: A New Beginning

Mutants are being treated terribly by humans, slaughtered, "cured",imprisoned, will you help or hurt the cause?

Tags: Role Play, X-Men, Wolverine, Gambit, Mutant

Bionic Pikachu Public 5,860 13
S.H.I.E.L.D. Institute of Education: Marvel Comics School RP

A school for the "naturally" gifted. (Based on the Marvel Comics)

Tags: Marvel, Comics, Superheroes, School, Roleplay

Crook-Kidd Public 286 5
X-Men: What goes on besides saving the world

For those who love X-Men, Brotherhood, or mutants who want to roleplay!

Tags: x-men, roplay, gambit, rogue, wolverine

NeonWhiteFang Public 8 3
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