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Supernatural Fans

SPN season 10 airs every Tuesday.

Tags: Supernatural SPN, Castiel Misha Collins, Dean Winchester Jensen Ackles, Sam Winchester Jared Padalecki, Angels Demons

Captain Azazel Public 557 153
The Kings Men

Tags: Superhero, marvel, kings men

Tabnormal Private 45 3
Supernatural Guild

RP Guild based on the show Supernatural

Tags: Supernatural, Demons, Ghosts, TV Show

MetalRocker11712 Public 399 13
It's a Supernatural Life

Come to kill some evil s.o.b's and raise a little Hell

Tags: Supernatural, Angels, Demons, Winchester, role playing

GallifreyanRefugee Public 127 5
Supernatural RP [Closed]

A Supernatural Roleplay

Tags: Supernatural, Roleplay, Winchesters

Id rather be on Asgard Private 1,539 21

A semi-lit roleplaying guild for the show Supernatural (season 10 AU). OC friendly.

Tags: Supernatural, SPN RP, Winchester, Demons, Angels

Femme Feral Private 294 11
It's Funnier In Enochian

It's our family business with a twist.

Tags: Supernatural, Winchesters, Angels, Demons, Roleplay

Wasseoyo Public 3 5
Supernatural: The Hunting Trade

(a free flowing, semi lit, daily post RP)

Tags: Supernatural, Winchester, Demons, Angels

Kat_attack17 Public 876 14
Shark Presidents

We're rad as heck.

Crowleys Private 729 6
[Closed] A Supernatural RP

A Supernatural Roleplay Guild

Tags: Supernatural, Winchester

Id rather be on Asgard Private 1 2
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