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A guild loosely based on World of Darkness for military roleplay.

Tags: Darkness, Battle, Combat, Mathematical, World

Suicidesoldier#1 Private 100 3
Vampires Vs. Humans ||A Fight For Survival|| (U.C.)

Tags: Under Construction, Vampires, Versus, Humans, War-zone

-_- Madison David -_- Public 4,059 15
Bully: The Bullworth Warzone

A rp guild based off of the game Bully

Tags: Bully, Bullworth Academy, Role Playing, Bully: The Bullworth Warzone, School rp

Draco Magnius Public 468 8
The Apocalyptic Wasteland - T.G.C.o.T.G.L.

The Wasteland, a deadly place... Let's see what we can make it of...

Tags: Post-Apocolyptic, Warzone, Survival, Faction-based, Fallout

Rage Quit Fluffy Public 1,668 20
Future Swat Team Maid Waitresses (Open)


Dawn Landers Private 240 1
The Warriors of Elementia -- History Repeating

With GeoTech crumbled, the Knights go their own ways.. Now a new evil surfaces; Will you come to Elementia's Aid? Or seek vengeance?

Tags: Roleplaying, Warzone, Good vs Evil, Elements, Fantasy

Alexis DarkLight Private 185 10
Strategy and Tactics


Tags: Xcom, Strategy, Tactics, Warzone, Alien

Suicidesoldier#1 Private 55 1
C.O.B.R.A.- Special Forces

"Libertatem non Vile"- "Freedom isn't Free"

Tags: Cobra, Mercenary, Venom, Special, Forces

Suicidesoldier#1 Private 61 4
Last Chance

Wild West roleplay with aliens and shit.

Tags: Wild West, Outer Space, Aliens, Bandits

LazarusTodd Private 26 5
under construction [ Zombie NOPE-ZONE ]

Your survival is key. A combo of the purge-madness and drooling zombies coming up!

Tags: zombie, apocalypse, anime, survival, humor

iimpy Public 13 1
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