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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Shaman King Guild

Hey All!! If you love Shaman King (both sub and dub) feel free to join the guild! Stay and post in our forum and many subforums!

Tags: Shaman, King, Anime

Prodigious_girl Public 37,610 1,520
Sony Playstation VITA Coalition

(A work in progress) - Where people gather to discuss all things VITA!

Tags: VITA, Sony, Handheld, Playstation, Games

Cavaliers And Roundheads Public 373 85
★ ☆ Chaotic Empire Charity ☆ ★

Where chaotic dreams come true.

Tags: Chaotic Empire Charity, CEC Charity, Charity, Friends, Hangout

Zerisi Private 32,445 415
::Bioshock The City Reborn::

The guild for the roleplay.

Tags: Bioshock, Rapture, Big Daddy, Rosie, Bouncer

The Shivering Heart Private 159 7
Darkening Horizon : Superhero Guild

A guild dedicated to the superhero roleplay "Darkening Horizon".

Tags: Superhero, Role Play, Villain, Character

CircusBird Private 9 3
Regnum creatio, Templum Origin, Regni de esse

Realm of new beginnings and strong teachings.

Tags: Learning, School, Training, Role Play, Freedom

Lluxdra Public 104 23

A Roleplaying Community

Tags: casual, literate, friendly, roleplay, role players

X x __ compos M E N T i S Private 6,926 61
Dr. Steel's Roleplay Guildhall of Fun DarthAlucard Public 27 6
『Sᴀɪɴᴛ Cɪᴛᴀᴅᴇʟ: Death Life and Judgement』

Saint Citadel is the name of a kingdom in a faraway place. A home to Death, his partner Life, and their seven children; the Judgements. -RP-

Tags: Saint, Death, Sins, Seven Sins, Life

Saint Aisling Dolly Private 2 3

A fun RP

Tags: Fantasy, Adventure

Lady Sage Muffin Public 136 23
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