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A Roleplaying Community

Tags: casual, literate, friendly, roleplay, role players

X x __ compos M E N T i S Private 6,931 61
Sony Playstation VITA Coalition

(A work in progress) - Where people gather to discuss all things VITA!

Tags: VITA, Sony, Handheld, Playstation, Games

So Here We Are Public 373 87
Dr. Steel's Roleplay Guildhall of Fun DarthAlucard Public 27 6
★ ☆ Chaotic Empire Charity ☆ ★

Where chaotic dreams come true.

Tags: Chaotic Empire Charity, CEC Charity, Charity, Friends, Hangout

Zerisi Private 32,445 414
Regnum creatio, Templum Origin, Regni de esse

Realm of new beginnings and strong teachings.

Tags: Learning, School, Training, Role Play, Freedom

Lluxdra Public 109 21
Freedom Wars : Mankids Struggle

A Freedom Wars Guild, still a work in progress.

Tags: Freedom Wars, PS Vita, Video Game, Anime, Fighting

Cory Koshiomi Private 15 2
『Sᴀɪɴᴛ Cɪᴛᴀᴅᴇʟ: Death Life and Judgement』

Saint Citadel is the name of a kingdom in a faraway place. A home to Death, his partner Life, and their seven children; the Judgements. -RP-

Tags: Saint, Death, Sins, Seven Sins, Life

Saint Aisling Dolly Private 2 3

A fun RP

Tags: Fantasy, Adventure

Lady Sage Muffin Public 136 21
Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts RP| WALK IN AND PLAY

Super Lazy KH/FF RP for the crazy.

Tags: final fantasy, kingdom hearts, square, enix, square enix

Puritysan Public 5 1
Vita High School (U/C)

In-depth school roleplay of high school life, but with fewer restrictions and better classes

Tags: Roleplay, School, Magic, Weapons, Literate

Katana left the site Public 9 1
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