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40th Annual Hunger Games

Within Panem, All is forced to watch a show where teens 12-18 fight and kill each other until there is one left standing.

Tags: Hunger Games, Panem, Roleplay, Fight to the death, Literate

WhitePrinceOfWonderland Private 2,700 21
The New Bleach: The 2nd Great War

A Bleach based RPG

Tags: Social, Romance, Fighting, Action, Anime

legacyofzack Public 117 13
Poke'mon Uprising

Come join the Poke'mon rebellion and fight to rise against the evil forces of madness.

Tags: Poke'mon, Role Play, litterate, fantasy

griffinyasha Public 21 2
Order of Semesta

This is a semi-literate RP that involves, elementals, rebels, and a whole lot of fun! We're always looking for new members so join us

Tags: Element, Semi-Literate, Adventure, Action, Magic

LenoraLucreita Public 2,154 30
Sith uprising Dread Templar Private 13,594 4
Outlander's Promise

Embark on a fantasy adventure in this magical/steampunk world

Tags: outlander, promise, fantasy, steampunk

Gakusangi Private 1,028 2
Role Players Heaven

Role Players will LOVE it here!

Tags: Role Playing, Literate, Heaven, Horror, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Action

Chipmunk Giggles91 Public 4,063 13
Kid Icarus

Wifi battles & teams for Kid Icarus Uprising and Classic game discussion

Tags: Kid Icarus, Light Dark, Uprising, Angel, Nintendo 3DS

Tonaw Public 870 111
The WICKED: Degeneration

An action-based Vampire/Werewolf Apolcalypse RP.

Tags: Vampires, Werewolves, Shoot 'em up, Science-based, Action

TrickyCain Private 12 4
The Elite And Wealthy

The Wealthy

Tags: Zomg, Help, Team, Specialist, Wealthy

XxZethrothxX Public 1 1
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