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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Solis Academy

Welcome to Solis Academy! A place for Humans or unnatural creatures to attend school!

Tags: Starlight, Academy, role-play, fantasy, romance

Angel of Hollowness Private 9,570 7
Yokai Twin Acadmey

A guild for all anime lovers, rolplayers, supernatral, fun, and just about everything!

Tags: Anime, Vampire, Wolf, Roleplay, supernatral

Yuji jr Public 6,562 234
Rogue Blood

Legends are born, wars are fought, the weak become strong, and the nameless become imortal. Join to start a new journey.

Tags: battle, supernatural, romance, literate, fight

nefret2011 Public 3,586 41
The Purgatory Guild

a walk-in roleplay guild

Tags: walk-in, forest, fantasy, adventure, roleplay

riveriver Private 364 41
Pride of the Paladins [U/C]

In a world where elite soldiers, called Paladins, are controlled by Handlers, a group of renegades threatens disaster. [Original rp]

Tags: fantasy, literate, role play, original

Ethelinda Amarante Private 17 2
Unum: The One World

Unum: Travel the known world, court royalty, destroy kings, emperors and change the world as you see fit. Anything is possible.

Tags: Magic, Fantasy, blades, dragons, monsters

Written Oni Public 77 6
Benlivo Darconian Mysteries. Knight of Roses Public 2,897 17
Gygaxian Unnaturalism

A 4th edition D&D player's guild for having fun and being awesome.

Tags: Dungeons & Dragons, Role Playing, 4th Edition

Masiakasaurus Private 392 13
The Sonic Role playing Guild

Sonic Role-playing Guild

Tags: Archie Comics Roleplay, Sonic Sega Roleplay, Sonic Cosplays, A Mobius location in Gaia towns

KlNG SCOURGE Private 1,509 3

Battle between insanity and reality as you try to redefine the world around you before turning into an abomination.

Mister Mortem Private 15 1
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