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^°^Pure Yaoi- The role playing guild^°^

A guild for all yaoi lovers

Tags: anime, roleplay, yaoi, love, uke/seme/seke

-laurel_the_faerie- Public 63 9
The Official Uke Guild Kusa-chan Private 23,785 1,122
{ Let }Yaoi{ Your }Roleplaying{ Fantasies }Guild.{ Unwind}

Yaoi Role play guild with some of the most amusing Role players around.

Tags: Yaoi, Roleplaying, One on One, Yoai

Yu_Yu_Hakusho_Freak Public 361 43
¤ Adopt an Uke ¤ [Home of the Uke-Harem]

Tags: Roleplay, Seme, Adopt, Harem

Candy Coated Lust Public 1,615 341
~The Original Seme/Uke Guild~

It's a guild of semes and ukes to find a match and rp together.

Tags: semes, ukes, yaoi, gay boys, rainbow

Derthmonuter Private 1 2

No noobs. Just us gays. No racism. Just us gays. Gay girls welcome too. Just us gays ^-^

Tags: gays, biseuxal, lesbian, yaoi

MattMaddening Public 99 11
⟨ ❤ ℓσνє ιη тнιѕ υηινєяѕє ❤ ⟩

One Place Were People Of All Ethnicities Come To Be Apart Of This Universe, If One Of Them, You?

Tags: Yaoi, Boy Love, Korean, Japanese, Role Playing

Azn_KoreanBear Public 30 8
Pokemon: The PokeHuman Sagas!!!

If you want the be the very best...Fight for it!!

Tags: Pokemon, PokeHumans, Master&Slave, Fighting/Battle, Uke/Seme

Masochistic Purity Public 10 1
Brotherly Love * Gay/Bi Guy's Guild

A place for gay and bisexual guys to find a place to relax. No judging.

Tags: Ukes, Seme, Homosexual, Bisexual, Gays

Demonic_femboy Private 1,765 82
The uke army

A place for semes, ukes and sekes to chat, have fun, roleplay, make friends and find partners.

Tags: Ukes, Seme, seke, Yuri, yaoi

iojwerlhil3209u Public 16 9
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