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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Monster High RP Guild

A guild for Monster High Fans

Tags: Monster High, Roleplay, Fantasy, Friends, School

angelmage99 Private 834 26

a guild where we talk about movies

Tags: movies, theatre, audience, roll play, drama

TERRACE-XIII_SSC Public 705 28

Tags: Roleplay, Dragons, Theatre, Music

Anuite of Dragons Public 363 12
Lover Of The Arts

A guild about all forms of art

Tags: art, photography, music, theatre, dance, film, graphics, writing, fashion, contests, general chat, games, fun,

Beautiful x Mayhem Public 2,919 573
PAUSE: Earn Your Happy Ending

Time stops, but you don't. It's your job to find out why. And stop it.

Tags: Pause, Time, Magic, Mystery, Roleplaying

Orohu Private 428 11
Ƚєα∂ ✗ тнєм ✗ σя ✗ ғαℓℓ

A Dragon Age RP Guild

Tags: Dragon Age, Literate, Inquisition, Bioware, Semi Literate

II Cisara II Public 762 2
Castle of Safe Haven

A guild for all races, a final safe haven, zOMG activities, Role PLaying, Whatever you need here it is.

Tags: zOMG, Vampire, Werewolf, Kingdom, inter-species

LordVampyreLeon Public 1,894 24
Theatre Illuminata- The New Story

A fan-fiction continuation of the Eyes Like Stars series.

Tags: Eyes Like Stars, Perchance to Dream, So Silver Bright, fantasy, fanfiction

Xx1Skull_Rainbows1xX Public 50 4

The perfect safe haven for non-human students to learn co-existence. But beware, it hides a dark secret

Tags: School, Fantasy, Dark, Mystery

FleurDeLyssity Private 1,411 25
Durem After Dark Kuyusi Private 24 7
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