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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The Super Terrific Happy Hour Guild Pez Black V1.0 Public 6,943 89
Cathexis KabbiChan1111 Public 546 23
Phoenix: The Smash Realm

For all members of SSB: DR/RR and other Super Smash Bros Roleplayers

Tags: Super Smash Bros., SSBB, SSBM, Brawl, Crossover

Virtual Victrola Private 372 15
Evodex! The Study of Evomon!

This guild is about Evomon (An idea by Errodu) And the gathering of their data on the EVODEX!

Tags: Evolving Item, Evomon, MOGA, Monster Galaxy, Pokemon

Leixi Public 1,296 15
Realm of Mighty Roleplayers Zeenick Private 217 12
The Angel of Music: The Official Sarah Brightman Guild

Are you a Sarah Brightman fan looking for other fans to talk with? This is the place to come for everything Sarah Brightman on Gaia!

Tags: Sarah Brightman, Repo The Genetic Opera, Music, Phantom of the Opera

ZydrateEnthusiastsNetwork Private 26 23

(abve) Star's Star's shine abve: :-Jumbana- Join both my guilds!

II Soar Through My Sky II Public 8 1
Kawaii ♥The Fun Guild~

This Guild Is Where You Can Have Lots Of Fun .

Tags: Fun To Join, Terrific To Join, Hyper For Fun, Love To Learn, Live To Love

sugar-chuu Public 82 30
popular gaians

only for popular gains

Tags: cool gaians, awsome gaians, terrific gaians, marvelis gaians, gr8t gaians

sharkgirl415 Public 2 3
Avalon: Web of Magic

This is for all the Avalon fans on Gaia Online :)

Tags: Avalon, Magic, animals, friends, book

Madoka_Mahou_Shoujo Public 3 2
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