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Evodex! The Study of Evomon!

This guild is about Evomon (An idea by Errodu) And the gathering of their data on the EVODEX!

Tags: Evolving Item, Evomon, MOGA, Monster Galaxy, Pokemon

Leixi Public 1,296 15
The Super Terrific Happy Hour Guild Pez Black V1.0 Public 6,943 89
Cathexis KabbiChan1111 Public 546 23
Phoenix: The Smash Realm

For all members of SSB: DR/RR and other Super Smash Bros Roleplayers

Tags: Super Smash Bros., SSBB, SSBM, Brawl, Crossover

Virtual Victrola Private 372 15
Realm of Mighty Roleplayers Zeenick Private 217 12
The Angel of Music: The Official Sarah Brightman Guild

Are you a Sarah Brightman fan looking for other fans to talk with? This is the place to come for everything Sarah Brightman on Gaia!

Tags: Sarah Brightman, Repo The Genetic Opera, Music, Phantom of the Opera

ZydrateEnthusiastsNetwork Private 26 23

(abve) Star's Star's shine abve: :-Jumbana- Join both my guilds!

II Soar Through My Sky II Public 8 1
Kawaii ♥The Fun Guild~

This Guild Is Where You Can Have Lots Of Fun .

Tags: Fun To Join, Terrific To Join, Hyper For Fun, Love To Learn, Live To Love

sugar-chuu Public 82 30
popular gaians

only for popular gains

Tags: cool gaians, awsome gaians, terrific gaians, marvelis gaians, gr8t gaians

sharkgirl415 Public 2 3
Avalon: Web of Magic

This is for all the Avalon fans on Gaia Online :)

Tags: Avalon, Magic, animals, friends, book

Madoka_Mahou_Shoujo Public 3 2
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