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Tenchi Anime Elysium

This is a Guild about Tenchi Muyo, Naruto, Ouran Host Club, Code Geass, and other Anime!

Tags: Anime, Tenchi, Japanese Culture, Shounen, Shoujo

Ayanami Rei First Child Public 53,250 169
Slayers Mayhem! Lina Inverse Chan Public 8,328 38
Chaotic Multiverse Theory

An archive of (presently on-going) crazy role-playing with a severe disregard for the laws of physics and the 4th wall.

Tags: Digimon, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Shaman King, Fullmetal Alchemist

Crystal Mizuka Private 2,264 21
Choas and Mayhem- A place for the mind

a dark hunter, one piece, Roplay guild join only if you will be active! Lots of fun! You can be any anime character you want or a OC

Tags: Saiyuki, Full metal Alchemist, One Piece, Dark Hunters, Hellsing

Darkmgirl Private 1,055 20
Anime Dimensions

Currently Open! -Roleplay Area Undergoing Maintainance-

Tags: Anime, Dimensions, Roleplay, Discussion, Bleach

Royon Private 2,434 15
halo 3 fan club darkemo1337 Public 185 32
The Love, Romance,and Couples in Anime / Manga

This is a guild for the many loves in anime, and to goof off in lol

Tags: anime, romance, CrossFire43, manga, love

CrossFire43 Private 7,734 67
Bleach: Tales of the Past

Bleach Rp guild

Tags: Bleach, Tales of the Past, Anime/ Manga, Soul Society

Kaiya Ashigawa Public 1,101 4
Toonami: We're Bringing it back

Shonen Jump Manga RPing

Tags: Toonami, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Roleplay

Uncle Urdnot Private 162 29
The Apple Tree - Charity Guild

A alongside guild of the charity, The Apple Tree. Used for keeping members up to date with going's on.

Tags: Apple, Charity, Free Gold, Free items

Miss Munny Private 28 7
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