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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Manga United

The guild for all things Manga! *winks and gives thumbs up*

Tags: Chat, Random, Active, activity, funny

-X_Ello_Poppet_X- Public 1,023 125
Naruto: Role Playing Guild Sha Midoriko Private 26,804 23
Temari, The Beautiful Wind Goddess [Contests for Gold]

Place to gettaway from boredom.

Tags: Temari, Naruto, Hangout, contests, awesome

questmaster12 Public 553 72
Boarding School for Demons,Creatures,and Magical beings.

Boarding school for demons and creatures

Tags: demons

Crystal_Katana_Tenjo Public 16,633 42
Village of Hidden Storms-(Naruto) Temarii_Uzumaki Public 55 22
Naruto: Demon Worlds

Ninja, Demons and Freedom

Tags: Ninja, Demon, Role Playing, Naruto, Freedom

Blackscar_swiss Private 8,304 17
The IANIME Roleplay

IANIME(The Best Guild For Roleplay

Tags: Akatusoki, Temari, Yondaime, Photon, Flash

ll Akatusoki Temari ll Public 132 140
Arceus Academy

A Pokemon school located near Lake Valor.

Tags: Pokemon, Academy, Arceus, roleplaying

Captain Confuzmint Public 3,309 45
The chains of fate: through blood and sand

A naruto guilld open to all

Tags: naruto, romance, roleplay, action, next gen

Icryblood123 Public 37 4
Generic Adventure Z

You only thought you knew fantasy adventure stories.

Tags: Book, Series, Generic, Adventure

tsuki-onee Public 21 9
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