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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Crimsonwood Vale (Canine Sanctum)

A place for all canines to gather and find sanctuary

Tags: Wolf, Pack, Dogs, jackal, Coyote

Colrayne Public 39 18
Tanuki Special Forces Brigade


Selgar Brisswood Private 29 14
[[e l e g a n t l y w a s t e d]]] - revamping...again? D: `+____paperhearts Public 7,354 160
The LiNyShaVi Guild Shinigami Shadow-Chi Private 17,644 56
Unwanted Rejects

Tags: Rats, Cats, Tanuki, Breedable

Unwanted Rejects Public 4,542 121
Field of Shattered Dreams (Closed)


Tags: fantasy, Mecha, Magic, SuperHero's & Hero's

Tavril Public 10,758 12
the world of soul eater

for people who love soul eater & role playing

Tags: soul, eater, role, playing

kaoru 94 sensei Public 36 10
Himitsu University

Semi lit RP set in Japan about a university for supernatural creatures.

Tags: youkai, demon, school, university, Japan

Raizura Public 2,075 10
The Bamboo Grove

A Guild for People who Love all things Panda

Tags: Panda, Giant, Lesser, Ailuropoda melanoleuca, Ailurus fulgens

IX_EpsilonOverdrive_XI Public 10 12
⊰Private Ouran Academy ⊱

⊰An Ouran High School Host Club RP Guild ⊱

Tags: ⊰School-Based ⊱, ⊰Yaoi- Hints ⊱, ⊰Crossdressing ⊱, ⊰Host Club ⊱, ⊰Wealty ⊱

Vintag3z Public 647 41
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