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Tags: Pinoy, Tambayan, Philippines, Filipino

c4rmz Private 74,351 844
Pinoy Hangout 2

Need TAMBAYAN's? what are you waiting for Join our Guild... ♥

Tags: Pinoy, Philippines, Filipino, Tambayan, Tagalog

smartAXmt8802 Public 7,577 386
Proud to be Pinoy kami ! *Pinoy Pride*

A guild where filipino gaians united as one !

Tags: pinoy, proud pinoy, filipino, philippines, pinoy pride

x-iNicolee Public 1,968 130
Proud To Be Filipino

A place for Filipinos and Filipinas alike! :) MABUHAY MGA PINOY!!!!

Tags: proud, pinoy, guild, filipino, philippines

Crashed Monster Public 241 157
Pinoy Gaian Community

Gathering All Filipinos

Tags: Philippines, Pinoy, Tagalog, Filipino, Tambayan

Matthaios Public 878 331
Trolololz -Kazeken07- Private 5,595 16
Guild of Proud Filipinos

Home for real Filipinos, pwedeng tambayan, pwedeng pagusapan, pwedeng makipag friends. ALL FILIPINOS ARE WELCOME TO JOIN!

Tags: Tambayan, Filipino, Philippines, Asian, Pinoy

Server Failed Public 1,828 119
Pink Academy ♥

Want school that's all about fun? Then this is the guild for you. :)

Tags: School, Pink, Academy, Filipino, Pinoy

iJanna Private 1,169 116
The Lag Group

Hey Laggers Joins us NOW!!!

Tags: philipines, friends, forever, lagger, never

lKeimal Public 50 34
Tambayan ng mga kabataan

Sumali na kayo dahil dito walang masama o mabait dahil dito puro pinoy!

Tags: Pinoy, Pinay, Pilipino, Pilipinas, Popcorn xD

BiancaFloressssss Private 1,679 138
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