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Fuyu Academy

Highschool for the Magically Inclined. [RP]

Tags: roleplay, academy, school, magical, fuyu

Fuyu Muley Private 49,671 497
〖Auℊustine Acคdℰℳy〗⊕/₳

A Supernatural academy, come one come all, and join us on this journey!

Tags: supernatural, Augustine, Academy, school, magic

Royal Playdough Public 6,864 42
The Completely Random Guild

Also called TCRG, this is a random guild where you can do anything! Roleplay, take part in events, hang out, submit art, and more...

Tags: completely, random, writing, contests, roleplaying

themorganashley Public 9,256 1,489
Serenity A Haven for Roleplayers

This guild is for the ones who like to RP, Write, and Read. There will be other stuff but mostly that. Hope you like it :)

Tags: RPing, Writers, Readers, Anime, Drawers

Ava850 Public 31,508 50
Laffettian Rp

Everything everywhere....in relation to here and now and never.

Tags: everything, legends, multiverse, warfare, fluffy kitties

laffett Private 1,401 32
Caffeinated Willed Role Players

Love RPing and caffine? Then join the C.W.R.P and role play in the varies RPs here!!!

Tags: anime, fantasy, role play, vampire & werewolves, sci-fi

XX01 Public 2,525 37
iSuJu Leeteuk's KPOP Cosplay Guild

Korean pop cosplayers~ Any KPOP fan allowed to join!!! Here to show your love and support for kpop groups.

Tags: KPOP, Cosplay, Korean pop, Roleplay, iSuju Leeteuk

iSuJu Leeteuk Private 906 83
Black-Rose Academy

Black Rose Academy is a Rp school for anyone who wants to join (we except all speces)

Tags: Black, Rose, Academy, role play, school

Lady xTIDx Public 171 27
ʟ σ ʏ ɑ ʟ τ ʏ • ʆɩεs • ʜ ɛ ɾ ɛ

This is about three wolf packs!

Tags: Role Play, Werewolves, Rivalry, Wolf pack, Romance

BreakingInfinitie Public 377 1
Is it War? Or Freedom? (Open And Accepting)

Demons, Witches, Monsters, and Humans, Can they Realy live in peace?

Tags: Anime, Role Play, Action, Violence, Romance

Momo Beck Public 237 12
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