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Way of the Continents

Asia, Samurai, Ninja, Warrior, Oriental, Clan, War, Roleplay, Leveling, Weapons, Martial Arts

Tags: Military, Samurai, Ninja, Warrior

Domukaru Public 3 2
Disney Haterz

For all the people that are sick and tired of the stuck up Disney stars!

Tags: Disney Channel, Stupid Music, Idiotic Faces, No Brains, EVIL

Deztruction Public 75 52
Hippies and Witches

magick and green living, lifestyle and religion, witchcraft from shadow to fluffy

Tags: witchcraft, pagan, parenting, magick, wicca

PregoHouseWitch Public 1,835 281
Memoirs of the Stolen Seas

Tags: Pirates, Royality, Medieval, Mermaids, Role Play

RawrRebecca Public 893 10

Got any fetishes? Get harrased because of it? Share them here! This is a community of people who accept you for who you are.

Tags: Fetishes, Ideas, People, The way we are, Pickles

iiNerdGasM x3 Public 20 3
Beautiful Darkness (yaoi)

large single role play form

Tags: yaoi, vampire, Blast, anime

True Beautiful Darkness Public 45 8
Total Drama Island: Hetalia Style

Can they get through the challenges, rules, romances, alliances, back-stabbing, eliminations, and confessions?

Tags: Hetalia, Total drama island, total drama, role play

Angel Nicholson Private 21 3
Euphrasia: Fashion Will Have Feelings

Tags: romance, euphrasia, fashion, feelings

mikan tsumiki Public 50 4
Gloom Star

The best guild ever, about the best stuff ever, made by the best guy ever, for the best people ever. awesome.

Tags: Gloom Star, Awesome Stuff, number three, the universe and life and stuff, being a warrior like sparta and stuff

GoldenAnima Public 14 4
Photoshop and Photomanipulation

Photoshop and Photomanipulation

Tags: Photoshop, Photomanipulation, Computer, Software, Friends

PastelMochiBubbles Private 1 1
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