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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Once Upon A Time: A Storybrooke Tale

Tags: Fairytale, Storybrooke, Roleplay, Discussion, TV Show

Kyra Tawney Public 3,217 2
Tales of Storybrooke

A guild for fans of Once Upon a Time. The Guild features episode discussion and an RP.

Tags: Once Upon A Time, Storybrooke, Fairy Tale, Magic, Fantasy

CaptainTapole Private 2,252 13
Once Upon A Time in Gaia

Join the members of Storybrooke as they live happily ever after.

Tags: OUAT, Fairytale, Emma Swan, Magic, Storybrooke

Cpt Killian Jones Private 138 10
Storybrooke's Finest

The characters of Storybrooke

Tags: Once Upon A Time, Televison, Role Play, Town

Galactic Rainbow Public 3 4
Shadows in the Mansion AngelKats Public 67 16
Fairy Tales Unleashed

This is a role play based on Fariy-Tales.

l0kk1 Public 1,620 19
Once Upon A...

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes.

Tags: Storybook, Fairytale, Fantasy, Disney, Magic

Nekomiimi Public 1,977 22
Once Upon A Time: A Role Play

The beloved Once Upon A Time fandom comes to life in a fun-filled role play.

Tags: Once Upon A Time, RumBelle, Rumpelstiltskin, Belle, Fairytale

Madame_Rumpel Private 10 1
Once upon a time guild enter storybrook

If you want to roleplay, you can do whatever you want, nothing rated X or immature

Tags: Roleplay, Legend, Anime, Mythology, Fate/Stay Night

wolf of warriors Private 204 5
A New Ever After ((Once Upon A Time RP))

Based on the TV show Once Upon A Time, a new version of fairy tale characters are trapped in our world

Tags: Once, Upon, Time, Role Play, fairy tale

BloodyElegantSimplicity Public 20 5
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