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Results for "Sparta"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
The everything guild That Dapper Gentleman Private 1,570 13

Epic Spartans gather point

Tags: Sparta

Saint Sazabi Public 8 3

An epic guild where we discuss the fine points of the words, this, is, and sparta.

Tags: dine, leonidas, spartan, Three Hundred, rofl

You there stealing my Pie Public 15 21
Camp Half-Blood (Roleplaying Guild)

This is a guild where we roleplay about Percy Jackson and you can get claimed, and etc.

Tags: percy, jackson, roleplaying, olympians, half-blood

ll Beautiful Rose ll Public 45 6
Spartan Warriors Soldiers of Gaia

Approaching Role playing Gaia army

Tags: Elite Soldier, Knights, Warriors, Spartas, Archers and Rifle men

x Commander Josh x Public 227 43
Sparta & Redjack

A guild about cats, the loveable little furballs XD

spartalover1822 Private 40 14
Σπάρτη vs Τρωάς: Sparta vs Troy

A war/romance guild

gray reaper Private 296 19
The Metro Guild

A Guild based upon the video game Metro 2033/Last Light

Tags: Guns, Metro, Anime, Roleplaying, Video games

Rotten the Warlock Private 35 3
Gloom Star

The best guild ever, about the best stuff ever, made by the best guy ever, for the best people ever. awesome.

Tags: Gloom Star, Awesome Stuff, number three, the universe and life and stuff, being a warrior like sparta and stuff

GoldenAnima Public 14 4

Nation of Warriors

Tags: NeoSparta, Warrior, Role Playing

Zidane of the Wildfire Private 2,035 11
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