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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Utopia: Safety among the Stars

Utopia is the Safest ship in the Galaxy...

Tags: Science Fiction, Utopia, SciFi, RolePlay

VVulf Public 982 20
Fallout: Waiting for Death

Work in progress

Tags: Brotherhood of Steel, Apocalyse, Fallout, Enclave, Wasteland

Marcanius Public 24 10
The World of Iwa

The planet of Iwa was colonized by humans 1000 years ago, and now those humans must fight to keep their home safe from supernatural foes.

Tags: fantasy, role playing, literate

Eerie Wind Kunoichi Public 602 5

Fantasy Action Adventure Demons Dragons Swords

Tags: Adventure, Role Playing, Fighting, Fantasy, Anime

Samael KOT Private 1,597 2
World of Elleria and Planet Unitron

An Open Ended rp guild. Post when you can, don't worry when you can't.

Tags: Elleria, Unitron, Dragonball Z, Roleplay, Vampire Game

Sweet Vi Public 34 10
Lost in Unity (Open and Accepting)

Lost in an unknown Universe with only 50% of its crew and 75% damage, can the Unity make it home?

Tags: scifi, starship, spaceship, adventure, aliens

Lord Redtail Rathan Public 1,791 33
SS Serenity

Ship-Flying through space, Rogue-Ship

Tags: Space, Ship, Serenity, Rogue, Thieves

Kai Festir Public 2 3
Caravan Of The Stars

A new frontier of life, a new outlook, a new adventure waiting to happen.

Tags: Sci-fi, Space, Spaceship, Aliens, Adventure

Dullahan Dolorosa Public 184 2
The Promethean Galaxy

A persistent universe for science fiction stories, roleplays, and other discussions

Tags: Science Fiction, Spaceships, Stories, Roleplay, Technology

Holeyfailadin Public 10 6
Wanted (A Space Smugglers Roleplay Adventure)

A motley crew of space smugglers get roped into a plot to cause an galaxy wide civil war. And they have the one thing that might stop it.

Tags: Space, Aliens, Delivery, Treasure, Spaceships

morpheus297 Public 2 1
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