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Results for "Soulbound"

Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Soulbound Sheawn Private 161 19

Humanoid's bonded to animals on a fantasy world.

Tags: Animals, Humanoids, Humans, Soulbound, Volsona

Myriad Kakistocracy Private 381 2
zOMG! Ranters

Anyone who wants to rant or boycott zOMG!, please, feel free to join!

Tags: boycott, zOMG!, rant, soulbound, rings

xXx MizziMorbid xXx Public 9 6
Wildly Soul Bound

Giranioa is at war with itself, join either the rebels or the Scientists

Tags: Animal, Spirit, Roleplaying, Soulbound, Wild

rogue blood angel Private 19 2
H-Cross: Afterworld Lives

Adventure, Romance, Demons, Creatures, and the Underworld. All are here.

Tags: Adventure, H-Cross, Demons, Role play, Based on Book

Nova-Rin Private 39 8
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