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~ CFF ~ Camp For Fun ~ CFF ~ CLL ~ Camp Lakelife ~ CLL ~

Camp for fun is a camp, i have created one in the forums but i want to get one better and have a guild! So here it is guys!

Tags: Camp, Roleplay

PiePwnsAll Public 261 26
The Kingdom Of Shimaku Pink Sophie Bunny Private 38 4
♥ ~ The Family ~ ♥

Obviously it's a family! Duh!

Xx_Sanity_Is_Dead_xX Public 473 19
The Marie Sophie Helena Beatrice School of the Arts

A private school dedicated to the arts.

Tags: school, arts, performing, roleplay, visual

Trichelle Rosette Private 16 7
Assassins of Death

Role playing assassins and ninjas

Tags: Role Playing, Assassin, Cool, Topic, Region

Corporal Nox Public 50 8
Howls Moving Castle

Guild for all the Howls Moving Castle fans !!

Tags: Howl, Sophie, Calcifer, Fantasy, Demon

Calcifer1992 Public 23 24
~Pwnsome Otaku~

Anime/manga and video game discussions and RP.

Tags: Kingdom Hearts, Naruto, Soul Eater, Role Playing, Otaku

KukiTheConqueror Public 634 31

For the best con show on television.

Tags: Leverage, TNT network, Con-artist, Show, Revenge

CharlieSilver Public 2 2
Role Playing School of Trust

A school for all gaians, love, social, and much more goes into this school.

Tags: Roleplaying, Anime, School, Romance, Socialality

RoseMiles Public 1,305 21
~Kaleido Star: A little different story~

This is a guild for all lovers of Kaleido Star

Tags: Kaleido star, have fun, roleplay, chat, anime

-laurel_the_faerie- Public 18 2
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