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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
LETS SONIC ROLEPLAY! Need mains! Always accepting! Members!

Tags: Sonic, Sega, Awesome, Fight, Romance

Sazie Chan Public 22,921 166
~In His World~ A Sonic Roleplay Guild

A Guild for Sonic Fans and Sonic Roleplayers.

Tags: Sonic, Roleplay, Hedgehog, Role, Play

xxxChaos Sodaxxx Public 38,505 304
Megamen United

This is a RP that makes all of the Megamen come together. You can even make your own!

Tags: Megaman, Roleplay, Video Games, Robots, Fighting

ContrabassClarinetist Public 12,349 50
=Grand Theft Auto= Guild

All we wanted is a better life, more money and respect. All we do is commit crimes.

Tags: Grand Theft Auto, GTA III, GTA IV, GTA SA, GTA V

Xelvin Public 67 61
Roleplayer's Retreat

A place for all sorts of roleplayers to come and roleplay

Tags: Sonic the hedgehog, Pokemon, Kirby

jewel_the_hedgehog Private 9,878 7
~Sanctuary~ (Under Construction)

This is a guild for our family only... To escape to sanctuary...

Tags: Sonic, Roleplay, Family, Sanctuary, Kingdom

Draiden Kaid Public 17,963 18
Sonic Cross RP

A sonic roleplaying guild. There is a reason the word cross is in the title so look forward to it.

Tags: roleplay, elementals, sonic, shadow, rp, guild, canon, chilling

Boutei Akuma Private 612 3
The Sonic Fan-Service

We support all generations!

Tags: Sonic the Hedgehog, Mobius, Eggman, Chat, Roleplay

Dwindling Emotions Public 2,453 28
Sonic RP Adventure Awaits

A Sonic the Hedgehog Roleplay Guild. Make your character and start your adventure.

Tags: Sonic RP Adventure Awaits, Action, Role Playing, adventure, Sonic the hedgehog

Zora the fox Public 200 13
Sonic Role Play

My first Sonic Guild

Tags: Sonic, roleplay, shadow, cream, tails

StarDropDestiny Private 75 5
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