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Sacred Heart School for Young Women

A school for young girls to explore their minds in study...and maybe discover more than they bargained for

Tags: Romance, School, Love, Yuri, Shoujo-Ai

03I8 Private 1,436 19
The Nightmare Society (open and accepting new RP'ers)

A multi role play guild i am always open to new RP ideas and accepting new RP'ers

Tags: vampires, werewolves, fighting, paranomal, fantasy

viper_rocks Public 1,242 10
Tetsu No Ken! [Slice of Life RP]

Tags: Academy, Action, Slice of Life, Adventure, Mystery

Godly P i s t o l Private 14,613 42
Dead [A Slice of Life RP]

Active - 08/02/14. Updated every week! Original Roleplay inspired by Sword Art Online. Original Roleplay

Tags: Mystery, Adventure, Romance, Action, Horror

Godly P i s t o l Private 5,190 24

Tags: Literate, Drama, Slice of Life, New York, Real Life

censorship S U C K S Public 523 58
Something Disney Related (join to vote what!)

This may or may not become a real guild, based on Disney characters. If enough people join, I'll do it for real.

Tags: Disney, roleplay, academy, slice of life

riskinginsanity Private 15 5

Guild for Slice of life and School anime fans.

Tags: Lucky Star, Clannad, Haruhi Suzumiya, School Rumble, Anime

Tsukasa Hiiragii Public 282 186
Fairytale High

For fairy tales, monsters, and other beings of legend.

Tags: Fairy Tale, High School, Slice of Life, Fables, Big Bad Wolf

Bubblemints Private 6 3
Oaksworth High

guild for the Oaksworth High role play

Tags: slice of life, school, romance

thatbug Public 108 10
Bridgetown University of Art

Welcome to Bridgetown University of Art, a slice-of-life RP guild where you can be an aspiring artist, draw, share, and learn together.

Tags: slice of life, art and drawing, role playing, friendship, college

en-ost Public 6 4
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