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The Occult Research Society

A guild devoted to the study of the occult, in all its forms.

Tags: Magick, Psionics, Supernatural, Paranormal, Occult

Vanilla eXee Public 6,724 690

Auburn. A hair color, and a curse. Or a gift. Omen of good, or of evil? Those born with it can decide as they learn to use their powers.

Tags: literate, fantasy, mystery, roleplay, long-term

SombraDelSol Private 539 11

A community where those who practice divine crafts such as all types of fortune telling, Wicca, and more are accepted

Tags: mystic, fortune telling, magic, wicca, psychic

Birds in the Mist Public 159 8
Lizardlea13's Art Contest Characters

Further information for my characters

Tags: Lizard, Art Contest, Contest, Characters, Information

Lizardlea13 Private 301 4
Magick and Psionic Research Institute and Learning Center

Trying to understand the potential of the human mind, and the potency of the human spirit.

Tags: Occult, Supernatural, Magic, Psychic

Subrosian Private 22,762 410
Gaian Vampiric Community

A Guild for all Real Vampires and all those Interested in and Friendly to Them

Tags: Vampirism, Vampires, Real Vampirism

sloth009 Public 864 48
Foreskin Defenders

This is a guild for people who are against the routine genital mutilation of newborns, infants, and generally anyone too young to consent.

Tags: children, parents, circumcision, babies, foreskin

Mr Ransom 2 Private 196 26

A Guild dedicated to the Paranormal. Here you can discuss anything and everything.

Tags: Paranormal, Ghost, Scary, Haunted, Demonic

yaystrawberries Public 56 17
Blood City - A Deadman Wonderland Roleplay

Currently Under Construction - Help is appreciated

Tags: Blood, Deadman, Nameless Worm, Violence, Life

King Crux Public 18 2
The Dead Light Club

For the discussion of the urban legend brokenmirror.png. Or Mirror as she's called.

Tags: Mirror, Creepy, Urban Legend, Myth

Brokenmirror_PNG Public 3 3
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