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Name & Description Owner Forum Type Posts Members
Magick and Psionic Research Institute and Learning Center

Trying to understand the potential of the human mind, and the potency of the human spirit.

Tags: Occult, Supernatural, Magic, Psychic

Subrosian Private 22,762 410
Foreskin Defenders

This is a guild for people who are against the routine genital mutilation of newborns, infants, and generally anyone too young to consent.

Tags: children, parents, circumcision, babies, foreskin

Mr Ransom 2 Private 196 26

Auburn. A hair color, and a curse. Or a gift. Omen of good, or of evil? Those born with it can decide as they learn to use their powers.

Tags: literate, fantasy, mystery, roleplay, long-term

SombraDelSol Private 540 11

a apocalyptic/sci-fi scenario RP guild mixed with fantasy, the supernatural and superstition.

Tags: Apocaliptic, Angel, Superstition, Sci-fi, Role Play

MC Glitch Private 6 1
The Occult Research Society

A guild devoted to the study of the occult, in all its forms.

Tags: Magick, Psionics, Supernatural, Paranormal, Occult

Vanilla eXee Public 6,726 686
Gaian Vampiric Community

A Guild for all Real Vampires and all those Interested in and Friendly to Them

Tags: Vampirism, Vampires, Real Vampirism

sloth009 Public 864 48

A community where those who practice divine crafts such as all types of fortune telling, Wicca, and more are accepted

Tags: mystic, fortune telling, magic, wicca, psychic

Tea Candles Public 159 8
Lizardlea13's Art Contest Characters

Further information for my characters

Tags: Lizard, Art Contest, Contest, Characters, Information

Lizardlea13 Private 314 4
Blood City - A Deadman Wonderland Roleplay

Currently Under Construction - Help is appreciated

Tags: Blood, Deadman, Nameless Worm, Violence, Life

King Crux Public 18 2
The Dead Light Club

For the discussion of the urban legend brokenmirror.png. Or Mirror as she's called.

Tags: Mirror, Creepy, Urban Legend, Myth

Brokenmirror_PNG Public 3 3
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